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Best Diving Locations and Spots in Majorca, Spain

The island of Majorca also offers great scuba diving opportunities with variety of great diving locations and diving spots. Below you may see some of the popular ones.

Diving Spots in Majorca
Palma Caves - Palma caves are magnificent and ideal for advanced divers who want to make their first experience in cave diving. Varied and natural light, creating a visual treat.

Palma Wrecks - Sunken cargo ships and the biggest wrecks of the Majorca are near the port of Palma, located on a depth of 28 meters. Only for experienced divers.

Punta Cautius - Diving for everyone in crystal clear water, large plateau at 8 meters with a gateway to up to 28 meters. Sometimes Rays are to be seen here. One of the most beautiful underwater scenes in Majorca.

Island Sa Porassa - Beautiful underwater scenery and an excellent dive site for beginners . A world-class dive training area. Max depth 15 meters.

Malgrats (Special Tour) - Underwater nature reserve with various dive spots for beginners and advanced divers, spectacular underwater world covered with various types of sponges. All kinds of fish, barracuda, moray eels and groupers have their home here. With a little bit of luck, you can also see sunfish. Max depth 35 meters.

Punta s`Estaca - For more advanced divers to experience their first experience in cave diving. Max depth 14 meters.

Island El Sech - Dives for every level, very rich marine faunas (groupers, barracudas, octopus, moray eels ...) and 4 small wrecks. Max depth 35 meters.

El Toro - Underwater nature reserve and thus rich in marine life - one of the best of Majorca. A stunning underwater scenery, the visibility can be up to 35 meters, with perfect orientation of the reef, a world-class dive site for beginners to advanced. Max depth 40 meters.

Punta Cala Figuera - Great diving spot for beginners and advanced divers - just below the lighthouse in the southwest of the island. The plateau is home to a large variety of fauna. Beautiful, with colourful sponges and overgrown rock shelters for diving through. Max depth 15 meters

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