Travel Guide and holidays to Magaluf 2017, Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
MAGALUF Travel Guide

Outdoor Sports & Adventure in Magaluf, Majorca

Magaluf is a fantastic holiday resort that holidaymakers may find loads of entertainment and great day out activities. There are numerous outdoor sports activities in Magaluf for the holidaymakers.


Cycling in Magaluf and along Majorca

Magaluf and the island of Majorca offers great natural environment for the outdoor sports lovers and also the flora & fauna of the island is outstanding. Cycling along Magaluf and Majorca is also one of the best greatest things to do in Magaluf.


Karting Magaluf

Karting Magaluf is another great attraction and fun day out in Magaluf for the holidaymakers. It operates since 1983 and serves kids of 3 years of age and over to teens and adults.

MAGALUF Travel Guide

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